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— Gen. Kelly, USMC

         This site was created to provide a place where military science innovation was encouraged and could be published with ease.  The professional journals are great, but they are often slow, both in publishing and feedback.  The feedback is also often not constructive.  This space provides an incubator for innovative ideas where they can be shared easily and improved upon rapidly. There are many service members out there with great ideas at the tactical and operational level but their ideas often stay on the back of an MRE box or on the white board in the ready room.  Sometimes they find an outlet, only to find that they didn't know all of the story and their idea needed refinement to be effective.


Completed documents for publication

Do you have a complete idea and want to get it into circulation but don't want to wait for the professional journals to get around to it? We can help.

Draft documents for development

This site will help you craft and nurture your ideas.  Submit a draft innovation.  We will post it in that section for the time period you request but no more than two weeks.  We will then send you all of the feed back in a combined document for you to use to improve your document.  Once you have improved upon it we can post it again for another revision if you want or you can submit it for publication here or other journals.  We do ask that if it is published in another journal that you cite the use of this website in your footnotes.  We also ask that if you use this site to improve upon an idea which is submitted for an essay contest that you donate a portion of your winnings to a veterans charity of your choice.  Also let us know so we can give you a gold star here on IMA.

Thought provoking

Do you have a problem and can't find the solution, or are just looking for a productive training idea?

The editorial staff will periodically post sub-components of existing Joint and Service concepts that need better development.  The crowd can then pound away with their ideas.


This site is also dedicated in the memory to one of the greatest minds, and greatest teachers of the tactical arts I have ever known:

LtCol Thomas "Bull" Budrejko


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