Surface Connector

Today at Sea-Air-Space, the Marine Corps discussed that the need to bridge the gap between ship and shore in an advanced Anti-access/Area Denial environment was going to be a joint effort.  The Marine Corps already has the AAV-7 which can swim from ship to shore at around 5-7knots, the new ACV phase 1.1 will have similar swimming capability, but in order for the Marines to be combat effective on arrival, the goal would be to keep the transit under an hour.  This means that the amphibious ship is going to have to come inside the visible horizon to drop them off.  This is obviously not a survivable tactic in the modern era.  

The Marine Corps understands this and is investigating methods for bridging the distance from a minimum of 65 miles of the coast to the drop off point.  Even going so far as to give the U.S. Navy money to use to develop the capability.


How would you bridge the gap?  What would be a useful platform for that penetration and how would it be equipped?

Posted on April 7, 2014 .