Should pilots get promoted while in flight school?

The question I am about to propose is heresy in many circles.

Flight school takes a long time.  Length of time varies based on what you are going to fly and which service you are in.  There are other schools that take a particularly long time as well, such as Nuclear Power school. The question is should service members attending instructional courses at the beginning of their careers be earning time in grade for promotion?

It is not uncommon for a Marine Corps fixed wing pilot to spend such a long time in flight school that he/she arrive at their squadron as Captains.  A Captain in the Infantry is a very experienced leader, but a Captain fresh out of the training squadron is as inexperienced as a 2ndLt.  Should they wait until they are complete with their basic MOS training before beginning to accrue time in grade for promotion?

If this were the case, for pilots and all other MOS', what would be the benefits to the force and to the service member?

Posted on September 23, 2015 .