Army headquarters

A comment was made recently from a multinational officer regarding serving at Army headquarters (you pick the Army):

"Headquarters is where a pat on the back is just Recce for a knife!"

Posted on August 14, 2014 .

Another F-35 comparison

Which of these can carry more bombs?

F-35 A the worlds newest multirole fighter.                                    MAERSK Triple E, the worlds largest container ship, 65,000 tons 

                                                                                                                  bigger than a Ford class carrier.

OK, that is a trick question, the Triple E can carry enough bombs to reduce a major metropolitan city to dust, it just can't use them.

Which one can go further on one tank of gas?

OK, this is also a trick question, the Triple E can sail half way around the globe on a tank of gas, but then it carries more fuel than all of the F-35s we will ever buy put together.

Which one costs more?

Also a trick question, at current LRIP production numbers, the Triple E is only $4million more than the F-35A and it is $65million less than the F-35B.

Posted on April 7, 2014 .

Ops Terms and Graphics of the Day

Method/Technique: used in the phrase: “That’s a method...a technique.” Translated – That’s a really screwed up way to execute this operation and you will probably kill your entire unit. But if you want to do it that way – go ahead.

19 Mar 2014

19 Mar 2014

18 Mar 2014

18 Mar 2014

Posted on March 18, 2014 .

Interesting items from 14 March 2014

Bar in Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine has a cocktail called "the cemetery of reason/common sense". I wonder if it is about Crimea or the US Congress

Tweet depicting a bar in Simferopol with "10% discount for employees of FSB and GRU"

From The Telegraph: big negligent discharge.... "HMS Argyll was moored at Devonport Naval base in Plymouth when the 9ft missile suddenly shot out of its starboard side during a training drill. Workers watched in disbelief as the tube-shaped projectile flew through the air before blasting a hole in a security fence and slamming into a storage container."

Posted on March 14, 2014 .

Musings from the Army

Read in a new Army document....

"...the Army ends chaos"..

Retort from a LTC

"yes! we overwhelm it with bureaucracy, the real 7th Warfighting function, and then they surrender! But you need a O-6 signature before that surrender is valid."

Posted on March 13, 2014 .

Things you can buy for the cost of one F-35B

Ok, this isn't really satire, but here it is. This infuriated me so much, I decided to look at the NDAA and figure out what else we could get for the cost of ONE F-35.
Each of the items on this list is less than the cost of ONE F-35B per the 2014 NDAA.
- 1/2 of an LCS
- 1/2 of an AFSB
- 1564 Javelins
- 13 Reapers
- 3 MV-22
- 8 AH/UH-1
- 6 Apache Block III
- 21 Kiowa
- 6 Chinooks
- 2520 Hellfire
- 158 TLAM
- 5 MH-60R
- 536 MATVs
- 136 LAVs
- put the well deck back in the LHA-7

- a full squadron of Colonial Vipers for Battlestar Galactica.....

Here is the kicker, for the cost of ONE F-35B you can cover the basic pay and BAH in Camp Pendleton for 1 ENTIRE Marine Regiment AND 3 ADDITIONAL Artillery Battalions for a year!!!!

Posted on March 11, 2014 .

Quote for 27 February 2014

You can put a J on the front of any accronym to make it joint huh,....this document is J-F%#$ed up!
— Heard during review of new joint working group requirements
I hate it when flight ops gets in the way of normal ship operations.
— Chief Engineer aboard LHD...
Posted on February 27, 2014 .

Quotable quotes 26 Feb

I have three lieutenants who have never rolled sleeves. I must teach them the old ways of yore
— Archangel 6
March 9th: Sleeves Up, March 10th: NJP Day for tattoo reg violators
— Archangel 6
Delete everything in this document and replace it with “We must protect this house”
— LtCol while reviewing Cooperative Strategy For 21st Century Seapower (CS21)
Given the opportunity, people will not do any fu^&ing work.
— Pentagon 2A___
Posted on February 26, 2014 .